What is a walking treadmill desk?

A walking treadmill desk is a working desk attached to a treadmill so that you can be productive and work out simultaneously. People who don’t want to skip work when they are at the gym can definitely benefit from these desks because these desks will turn your workstation into your gym. Gone are the days when you had to skip work to go to the gym because now, you can work and walk on your treadmill at the same time.

These walking treadmill desks are a compact edition that comes with a lower maximum speed and some incline settings paired with a smaller footprint. The best thing about these desks is that they are cheaper and also, some desks can be folded in half for better mobility.

Is the Walking Treadmill Desk worth it?

Now the question here is…

“Should we really invest in buying a walking treadmill desk when we can have a treadmill and a desk separately?”

And the answer is yes! There are multiple reasons that make this version of treadmills better than the traditional one, and some of them are listed below. So, let’s have a look!

  • Walking burns many calories, and with a walking treadmill desk, you don’t have to skip your work to burn calories. It means you can burn calories and make dollars at the same time.
  • Your day is busy, you don’t have time to devote hours to exercise outside of what you already need to accomplish.
  • Saving space – most likely your working area already takes up a certain amount of real estate in your home or office environment. You may not have additional room to place a standard treadmill or have a dedicated room for exercise.  
  • Some studies have confirmed that walking helps improve cognitive functions in the body, which means walking while working will help you increase alertness and the ability to focus on the task. As a result, it will eventually enhance your productivity at work.

What concerns should be kept in mind while buying walking treadmill desks?

Nothing is flawless in this imperfect world, and neither is this treadmill desk. However, there are some consequences of buying it that you must know before spending your dollars on it.

  • A walking treadmill desk can be a distraction for coworkers if used in a coworking place like an office.
  • Most importantly, you will have to reconsider your working wardrobe, so you will have to get clothing and shoes that you can work in and walk in comfortably.

The Take Away:

Walking treadmill desks are undoubtedly an incredible invention, yet it has some limitations that can trigger your urge not to buy them. If you are looking for a valuable addition to your workstation, it may be worth considering.